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The Bridesmaids

Invite bridesmaids to join your bridesmaid to-do list. From sharing dress options to receiving the fitted dresses, you will have peace of mind that all your maids will be ready for your big day.

– How-to Invite a Bridesmaid –

The Dress Gallery

The Dress Gallery is a collection of favorite dresses the Bride has uploaded as options for her upcoming wedding.

– How-to Add a Dress –

– How-to Add a Dress Image Via URL –

– How-to Edit or Delete a Dress –

– How-to View Dress Details –

– How-to Assign a Dress –

– How-to Un-Assign a Dress –

To-Do List Milestones

The To-Do List is the list of tasks that each Bridesmaid must complete by the designated date, to be ready for the wedding on-time. The Bride has the option to add, edit, and delete milestones.

– How-to Add a Milestone –

– How-to Edit a Milestone –

– How-to Delete a Milestone –

– How-to Mark a Milestone Complete –

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